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Tap into the only source for CHEST Annual Meeting attendee insights.

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You already know there’s no better way to reach the nation’s top chest physicians than by exhibiting at the CHEST Annual Meeting. Now you can up your game with Booth IQ. Capture data and actionable insights on visitors to your booth as well as competing exhibitors.

The days of collecting business cards in fishbowls are long gone. As an exhibitor at the CHEST Annual Meeting, you want access to detailed data and granular analytics to better assess your booth performance and ROI, review your marketing impact, and strategize for future meetings. That’s why you need Booth IQ, a healthcare intelligence service to help you answer key questions shaping your development pipeline, marketing plans, and sales efforts. Booth IQ offers both traffic-based and proprietary data on annual meeting attendees.

Need insights beyond the exhibit hall? Interested in analyzing attendee sentiments in a key territory? Or treatment patterns for a specific disease state?

Let’s discuss a custom Booth IQ project to meet your needs. Don’t plan your next move without us.

Booth Flow

Find out who visited your booth at the CHEST Annual Meeting: every physician, educator, researcher, and industry representative. Our Booth Flow tracking report (included in your exhibitor package) provides complete traffic data with details on when each attendee visited your booth and how long they stayed.

See a PDF of a Booth Flow Report provided to exhibitors at the 2018 CHEST Annual Meeting.

Booth Intel

Traffic data and analyses are invaluable, but with the addition of Booth Intel, you can learn much more about your visitors.

Booth Intel Core Report

Log into your core report and see:

  • Histories of prescriptions and procedures ordered by your booth visitors;
  • CHEST courses and events they attended beyond the CHEST Annual Meeting;
  • A minute-by-minute histogram analysis of traffic at your booth.

Booth Intel Premium

Think big. What other questions can we help you answer, given our unique access at the CHEST Annual Meeting?

With Booth Intel Premium, you’ll get both the Booth Intel Core Report plus two custom reports. Here are some ideas:

  • How did your visitors allocate their time at annual meeting education sessions?
  • What do our exclusive key opinion leaders think about your offerings?
  • How do physicians differ by territory, in terms of engagement or likelihood to prescribe certain treatments or procedures?
  • What were the traffic patterns at other booths?

Discover the critical intelligence you want and need. Ask us about custom research and analytics.