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Explore data and analytics resources available only through Data Lab.

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Take control. Data Lab is a powerful data analytics tool that lets you sift, sort, and filter all the data available on the top professionals in chest medicine.

With Data Lab, you can access our all of our built‑in proprietary data and analytics, combine your own data, and create customized reports.

Log into the Data Lab portal for instant and exclusive access to CHEST data—our unique proprietary database containing insights on more than 30,000 of the nation’s top professionals in chest medicine.

You can also enhance your analytics capabilities and tackle a wider range of issues by blending data from other sources using options like AddData, AddAPI, AddRegistry, or AddEMR. With Data Lab, you’ll be able to merge, compare, and analyze the data sets your team needs to solve key business problems.

You won’t find a comprehensive data tool that includes our proprietary CHEST data anywhere else but in CHEST Analytics. Don’t plan your next move without us.


Have an existing dataset you’d like to analyze in Data Lab? Want to benchmark your practice group’s or health-care system’s performance against regional or national standards available in CHEST Data? AddData lets you import your proprietary information securely to create unique analytics reports for your team’s eyes only.


Does your company or organization maintain a patient registry that you’d like to analyze in Data Lab? Or perhaps you’d like to make it available to all Data Lab users to help advance the treatment of a specific condition in chest medicine? Let’s discuss what can be achieved with our AddRegistry capabilities.


If you’d prefer the utility, flexibility, or power of transporting CHEST Data to your in-house database or analytics platform, AddAPI is for you. We can work with your information team to develop a custom Application Programming Interface that provides your researchers continuous access to our ever-changing dataset.


If you’d like to import and analyze the electronic medical and treatment histories of your practice’s patients, ask about our AddEMR option. We will work with you to assure a smooth integration and help protect patient privacy.

Contact us to find out how you can put Data Lab to work.