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Deep Dives

Get access to the top researchers and data scientists in the field with in-depth studies and analysis.

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Looking for thorough explorations of complex topics in chest medicine?

Deep Dives combines data and insights from top physicians, the right research tools, and in‑depth studies examining key clinical behaviors and competencies.

Think about some of the most challenging areas of chest medicine today:

  • What are the barriers impeding use of biologics for treating severe asthma?
  • How well do physicians follow BSTAT and EBUS procedures?
  • How important is screening for mutations in non-small cell lung cancer?
  • Which interventions are most effective in preventing exacerbation of COPD?

In‑depth study of topics like these is crucial to the advancement of chest medicine—and to your business.

That’s why CHEST Analytics is built on the field’s best researchers, data scientists, analysts, and analytic tools.

Deep Dives offers the advanced research and data analytics capabilities you need to discover critical market insights. Don’t plan your next move without us.


Ever wonder how clinicians actually behave—rather than what they say they do? Our ethnography studies range in topic from clinicians’ interactions with patients to how well they administer treatments or follow device procedures. These studies—either off-the-shelf or commissioned—offer first-hand insights into behaviors and competencies to which you wouldn’t otherwise have access.

Premium Research

Name your topic, then let’s discuss the scope and line of inquiry. Whether you need an in‑depth qualitative or quantitative report—or a blend of both—our expert researchers can plan a protocol, work with you to specify the right populations and cohorts, and execute a Premium Research project in full.

Advanced Analytics

When a dataset appears more daunting than clarifying, seek out our Advanced Analytics service. Our expert data scientists and analysts will mine the data, find hidden patterns, and reveal key insights to inform your decision making. Depending on the project, we can employ probability and machine learning to develop predictive models and forecast outcomes in the marketplace.

CHEST Clinical Perspectives Series

Get thorough summaries of insights and opinions gathered from key opinion leaders on the most critical issues in chest medicine in this series of groundbreaking white papers. CHEST Clinical Perspectives study results are issued as a series of white papers (along with a webinar covering findings) and includes a year-end round-up.

Want to learn more about Clinical Perspectives™?

Receive a copy of the discussion section of the white paper “State of Practice: Evaluation of Patients Presenting with Chronic Dyspnea”:

Learn how CHEST Analytics can help your business compete strategically in the health-care industry and stay one step ahead. Let’s talk.