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View Points

Discover which factors influence the influencers.

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Now you can leverage the opinions of the top professionals in chest medicine.

With View Points, you’ll have insider’s access to the physicians of CHEST—the leaders in our field— and timely opinions, data, and trends in all demographics.

If you—or the clients you serve—research, market, or sell treatments or devices used in chest medicine, you need to hear the opinions of our exclusive CHEST professionals. You need View Points.

Before you make key strategic decisions, whether in terms of prioritizing products and research in your development pipeline, finalizing go‑to‑market planning, or tuning up your sales pitches, consider what your target audiences have to say.

Which drugs and devices do they prefer day-to-day, and why? Which problems are they trying most urgently to solve? What kinds of solutions are they seeking? Where do they encounter the most friction or feel the most pain?

You won’t find direct access to top physicians like this anywhere else. Tap into our pool of expert knowledge, only from CHEST Analytics. Don’t plan your next move without us.

Pulse Survey

Do you have burning questions you need answered in the timeliest most timely way? Looking for a quick thumbs-up or thumbs-down, a preference ranking, or a quick-click multiple choice answer on treatments, procedures, or devices? That’s the right time to commission CHEST Analytics to conduct a Pulse Survey of our highly motivated and engaged physicians. We can even run a Pulse Survey during the CHEST Annual Meeting to query the full range of our attendees.

KOL Panel

In cases where the only viewpoints that matter are those of key opinion leaders, we can quickly and efficiently conduct online surveys or one-on-one interviews with the resident experts on our KOL Panels, each carefully populated based on disease expertise and demographics. These subject matter experts can even be accessed as an add-on service for separate CHEST Analytics projects.

Focus Group

When it’s best to explore a specific topic in the context of a discussion or debate, ask our CHEST Analytics team to conduct a Focus Group. We’ll assemble a representative sampling of five to ten qualified subject matter experts in an on-site, expertly moderated conversation with immediate data collection. All findings will be summarized in a detailed, top-line report.

Research Panel

Whether you’re seeking qualitative or quantitative data from a group of up to 500 subject matter experts, we can achieve double-digit survey response rates with a highly targeted Research Panel, chosen based on your project’s focus. Our Research Panel clinicians provide insights for up to a year on a set number of engagements.

To access insights available only through CHEST Analytics, contact our team.